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Allied Nevada Achieves Record Net Income of $47.7 Million or $0.53 Per Share in 2012

RENO, NEVADA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/25/13 -- Allied Nevada Gold Corp. ("Allied Nevada", "we", "us", "our" or the "Company") (TSX:ANV)(NYSE Amex:ANV)(NYSE MKT:ANV) is pleased to report operating and financial results for the year ended December 31, 2012. The Company produced 136,930 ounces of gold and sold 114,705 ounces of gold at adjusted cash costs(1) of $638 per ounce for the year resulting in record revenues of $214.6 million. Net income increased 30% to $47.7 million or $0.53 per share, compared to $36.7 million or $0.41 per share for fiscal 2011.

2012 Results and Highlights:

--  To date, Hycroft achieved 183 days without a lost time accident amid a
    significant construction effort and doubling of the workforce at the
    mine in 2012. 
--  Revenue increased 41% over 2011 to a record $214.6 million. 
--  Net income increased by 30% to a record $47.7 million or $0.53 per share
    in 2012. While significantly higher, net income in 2012 was impacted by
    increased net interest expense and income tax expense of $17.9 million
    and $16.4 million respectively (compared with $0.7 million and $6.3
    million, respectively, in 2011). The increased interest expense arose
    from the May 2012 issuance of the senior unsecured notes and additional
    capital lease obligations of $94.9 million entered into during 2012.
    These costs were partially offset by lower exploration, development and
    land holding costs during 2012. 
--  Record production and sales were achieved in 2012. Production from
    Hycroft in 2012 of 136,930 ounces of gold and 794,097 ounces of silver
    was 32% and 66% higher than 2011 production results, respectively. Sales
    of 114,705 ounces of gold and 696,144 ounces of silver surpassed 2011
    sales by 30% and 87%, respectively.  
--  Adjusted cash costs(1) increased 31% to $638 per ounce in 2012 and were
    negatively impacted by increased production costs in the first half of
    2012, selling costs associated with in-process inventories, and an
    increase in the average cost per ounce in beginning of the year 2012
    inventory compared to 2011. In the first half of 2012, our strip ratio
    was 1.4:1, increasing our production costs and average cost per ounce
    sold for 2012. Additionally, the average cost per gold ounce on the
    leach pads in the beginning of 2012 was $825/oz, an increase of $186/oz
    compared to the beginning of 2011. The aforementioned increases in
    adjusted cash costs(1) were partially offset by the additional revenue
    resulting from the silver ounce to gold ounce ratio increasing to 6.1:1
    in 2012 compared to 4.2:1 in 2011. 
--  Cash used in operations totaled $21.1 million, cash used in investing
    activities was $275.2 million and financing activities generated $368.4
    million of cash, increasing the Company's cash balance at year end to
    $347 million. 
--  Year-to-date, up to and including February 21, 2013, we mined and placed
    6.0 million tons of ore containing approximately 67,000 ounces of gold
    and 513,000 ounces of silver. In that same period, approximately 24,000
    ounces of gold and approximately 140,000 ounces of silver have been or
    were available to be sold. We are currently installing additional carbon
    column capacity and expect to be able to process 100% solution flows in
    March 2013. The on-site carbon strip circuit capacity will handle all of
    our carbon. 
--  Proven and probable reserves were 11.9 million ounces of gold and 509.6
    million ounces of silver (1.1 billion tons grading 0.011 opt gold and
    0.46 opt silver). The life of mine waste to ore strip ratio declined to
    1.15:1 (from 1.26:1). 

(1) Allied Nevada uses a non-GAAP financial measure "adjusted cash costs" in this document. Please see the section at the end of this press release and in the 2012 Annual Report on Form 10-K titled "Non-GAAP Financial Measures" for further information regarding these measures.

"As with any company growing as quickly as Allied Nevada, we experienced some successes as well as some disappointments this past year. With the additions to the mining fleet and the completion of the Lewis leach pad, we were able to increase our tons placed on the leach pads by 77%. Since more than 40% of the ounces were placed on the pad in the fourth quarter, we are well positioned to achieve our 2013 guidance," said Scott Caldwell, Allied Nevada President and Chief Executive Officer. "We've made a number of changes to the employee base over the past year, including doubling of the workforce at Hycroft, working alongside more than 200 contract employees, and strengthening our management team. I am confident that together we have the depth to build one of North America's largest gold and silver mines. It goes without saying that during this effort, safety will continue to be our focus in the coming year as our people are our number one priority at Allied Nevada."

Hycroft Operations Update

Key statistics for the Hycroft Mine for the year ended December 31, 2012, compared with 2011, are as follows:

                                                   Years ended December 31, 
                                                        2012           2011 
                                              -------------- -------------- 
Ore tons mined                           000s         30,299         16,638 
Stockpiled mill ore tons mined           000s          3,346              - 
Waste tons mined                         000s         22,088         11,393 
                                              -------------- -------------- 
Total tons mined                         000s         55,733         28,031 
                                              -------------- -------------- 
                                              -------------- -------------- 
Excavation and pre-strip tons mined      000s          4,945          5,976 
                                              -------------- -------------- 
                                              -------------- -------------- 
Ore grade - gold                       oz/ton          0.012          0.013 
Ore grade - silver                     oz/ton           0.21           0.34 
Ounces produced - gold                               136,930        104,002 
Ounces produced - silver                             794,097        479,440 
Ounces sold - gold                                   114,705         88,191 
Ounces sold - silver                                 696,144        372,000 
Average realized price - gold            $/oz        $ 1,681        $ 1,577 
Average realized price - silver          $/oz           $ 31           $ 35 
Average spot price - gold                $/oz        $ 1,669        $ 1,572 
Average spot price - silver              $/oz           $ 31           $ 35 
Total adjusted cash costs(1)             000s       $ 73,186       $ 43,062 
Adjusted cash costs per ounce(1)                       $ 638          $ 488 

(1) Allied Nevada uses a non-GAAP financial measure "adjusted cash costs" in this document. Please see the section at the end of this press release and in the 2012 Annual Report on Form 10-K titled "Non-GAAP Financial Measures" for further information regarding these measures.

Hycroft completed its fourth full year of operations in 2012. The additions to mining equipment this year, including a third hydraulic shovel, 15 Komatsu 320-ton trucks and two Caterpillar 795 trucks, as well as production drills and support equipment, led to a total of 60.7 million tons being mined in 2012, almost double that mined in 2011. The average grade of ore placed on the leach pads in 2012 of 0.012 opt for gold and 0.21 opt for silver was commensurate with our forecasts but lower than 2011. Tons placed on the pad in 2012 increased 82%, and ounces placed totaled 371,000 ounces of gold and 6.5 million ounces of silver. Leach pad capacity was increased by approximately 3.0 million square feet with the completion of the Lewis leach pad, bringing total capacity to approximately 12.0 million square feet. Management continues to expect the gyratory crusher, north leach pad and Merrill-Crowe processing facility to be completed and operational in the third quarter of 2013. The new Merrill-Crowe plant will add 21,500 gallons per minute of processing capacity, which, along with current capacity, will be sufficient for the heap leach and milling operations.

The amount of cash used in investing activities significantly increased in 2012 to $275.2 million due to the ongoing expansion projects at Hycroft. During 2012, cash additions to plant, equipment, and mine development included $103.7 million for the mill project, $59.4 million for the crusher project, $35.3 million for mine development, $30.1 million for leach pad expansions, $9.4 million for an employee housing project, $8.7 million for mine equipment, and $15.6 million for other additions. Significant additions for the mill project included the purchase of SAG mills, ball mills, a regrind mill, and engineering costs. Significant additions for the crusher project included the purchase of a gyratory crusher, secondary and tertiary crushers, and excavation costs. The mill excavation began in the third quarter of 2012 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2013.

Operating cash flows before operating assets and liability changes totaled $85.6 million. Operating assets and liabilities increased approximately $106.7 million during 2012, and included a receivable from the sale of unprocessed carbon and precipitate totaling $60.5 million as well as increases in inventory resulting from the expansion of our heap leach operations. Stockpiling of sulfide ore containing 32,074 ounces of recoverable gold, for the mill also contributed to the increase. Net cash used in operations totaled $21.1 million. The receivable for the sale of unprocessed carbon and precipitate is expected to be a one-time event due to our installation of an on-site carbon processing facility and is expected to be collected in 2013.

Hycroft Expansion Projects

The capital cost estimate for the expansion project remains $1.24 billion. To date, we have purchased or have fixed contracts in place for approximately $634.7 million, or 51% of the total capital budget and these purchases have come in approximately 5% below original estimate. As a result, the difference has been allocated to contingency which has increased to $97 million, from $65 million, representing 16% of the remaining capital to be committed of $608.3 million. Management believes that the expansion can be funded with the $347 million of cash on hand at December 31, 2012, an undrawn revolving line of credit for $120 million, capital lease financing, and operating cash flow.

Exploration Activities

Drilling activities at Hycroft in 2012 totaled 255,600 feet in 265 holes and were directed towards: infill drilling to upgrade inferred resources within the reserve pit; material collection in support of engineering and ongoing metallurgical work; condemnation drilling related to new facility placement; and limited step-out drilling.

Drilling at our advanced exploration properties in 2012 was directed towards the Hasbrouck Project (primarily the nearby Three Hills deposit) and at Wildcat. At the Hasbrouck project, drilling of approximately 21,010 feet in 37 holes was directed towards growing the mineralized material at Hasbrouck and an initial program on the Three Hills deposit. A total of 26,000 feet in 36 holes was drilled at Wildcat in 2012 with the first pass initial program being completed. We have completed resource block models for each property and expect to provide an updated resource for each of Hasbrouck/Three Hills and Wildcat in the second quarter of 2013.


On January 18th, we announced production and cash cost guidance for the 2013 year. We are forecasting more than a 60% increase in sales at Hycroft to approximately 225,000 to 250,000 ounces of gold and 1.5 million to 1.8 million ounces of silver. Sales in the first half of the year are expected to be approximately 90,000 to 100,000 ounces of gold. We expect to move approximately 94.1 million tons of material, including 46.5 million tons of ore at average grades of 0.012 opt gold and 0.25 opt silver. With the addition of two wire rope shovels in the latter half of the year, our mining rate is expected to increase in the second half to an average of 290,000 tons per day from 200,000 tons per day. The overall strip ratio for 2013 is expected to be 0.6:1. A number of critical projects must be completed to achieve the higher end of the stated guidance range of metal sales. The stated guidance assumes that there will be no material delays in the start-up of the North Leach Pad, the new 21,500 gallon per minute Merrill-Crowe facility (both expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2013) or operation of additional mobile equipment. Adjusted cash costs(3) for 2013 is expected to be in the range of $565 to $585 per ounce (with silver as a byproduct credit and utilizing a silver price of $28 per ounce).

Capital expenditures in 2013 are expected to total approximately $399.2 million of which $130.8 million is expected to be financed with capital leases. Of the budgeted $399.2 million, $27.5 million is for sustaining capital and the remainder is to advance the Hycroft expansion project including equipment, infrastructure, engineering, permitting, and support programs. Major additions to mobile equipment in 2013 include nine haul trucks, seven production drills and the first two wire rope shovels, which are expected to become operational in the third quarter and fourth quarter, respectively.

Company-wide exploration expense is projected to be $7.5 million in 2013 and does not include capitalized drilling. In addition to corporate office expense and annual land holding costs of approximately $3.2 million, we expect exploration dollars in 2013 to be directed towards follow-up drilling in the Three Hills area of the Hasbrouck project, where we have had previous success, and also to test Hycroft regional targets identified in the southern region of the Hycroft property claim block.

The results presented in this press release should be read in conjunction with the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2012, filed on SEDAR and EDGAR and posted on Allied Nevada's website at The financial results are based on United States GAAP (with the exception of the non-GAAP financial measure adjusted cash costs(1)) and are expressed in U.S. dollars.

(1) Allied Nevada uses a non-GAAP financial measure "adjusted cash costs" in this document. Please see the section at the end of this press release and in the 2012 Annual Report on Form 10-K titled "Non-GAAP Financial Measures" for further information regarding this measure.

Conference Call Information

Allied Nevada will host a conference call to discuss these results on Monday, February 25, 2013, at 9:00 am ET, which will be followed by a question and answer session.

To access the call, please dial:

Canada & US toll-free - 1-800-814-4859

Outside of Canada & US - 1-416-644-3414

Replay (available until March 11, 2013):

Access code: 4603640#

Canada & US toll-free - 1-877-289-8525

Outside of Canada & US - 1-416-640-1917

An audio recording of the call will be archived on our website at

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward Looking Information

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (and the equivalent under Canadian securities laws) and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, that are intended to be covered by the safe harbor created by such sections. Statements that are not historical fact are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements can be identified by, among other things, the use of forward-looking language, such as the words "plan," "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "intend," "estimate," "project," "may," "will," "would," "could," "should," "seeks," or "scheduled to," or other similar words, or the negative of these terms or other variations of these terms or comparable language, or by discussion of strategy or intentions. Such forward-looking statements include, without limitation, statements regarding the timing for completion of the leach pad expansion and Merrill-Crowe processing facility, the expected capacity and sufficiency of the Company's processing facilities upon completion of planned expansion projects, timing of results and indications of exploration drilling currently underway at Hycroft and exploration properties, including the Hasbrouck/Three Hills properties; delays in processing gold and silver, the potential for confirming, upgrading and expanding gold and silver mineralized material; reserve and resource estimates and the timing of the release of updated estimates for the Hasbrouck/Three Hills and Wildcat properties; estimates of gold and silver grades; expectations regarding gold and silver recovery, anticipated sales, costs, project economics, capital expenditures, cash flows and operating costs, the expected sources of capital for the Hycroft expansion and other statements that are not historical facts. Forward-looking statements address activities, events or developments that Allied Nevada expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future, and are based on current expectations and assumptions.

Although Allied Nevada management believes that its expectations are based on reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that these expectations will prove correct. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements include, among others, risks that Allied Nevada's exploration and property advancement efforts will not be successful; delays in the start-up of expansion new processing facilities or operation of new equipment, risks relating to fluctuations in the price of gold and silver; the inherently hazardous nature of mining-related activities; uncertainties concerning reserve and resource estimates; uncertainties relating to obtaining approvals and permits from governmental regulatory authorities; and availability and timing of capital for financing the Company's exploration and development activities, including the uncertainty of being able to raise capital on favorable terms or at all; as well as those factors discussed in Allied Nevada's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") including Allied Nevada's latest Annual Report on Form 10-K and its other SEC filings (and Canadian filings) which may be secured from us, either directly or from our website at or at the SEC website The Company does not intend to publicly update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise, except as may be required under applicable securities laws.

The technical contents of this news release have been reviewed and approved by Donald Harris, a Certified Professional Geologist with American Institute of Professional Geologists (A.I.P.G.), #10819, who is Manager of Hycroft Exploration for Allied Nevada Gold Corp. and Dan Moore, Vice President, Technical Services, a Registered Professional Engineer and a registered member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (#2257810) who are a Qualified Persons as defined by National Instrument 43-101. For further information regarding the quality assurance program and the quality control measures applied, as well as other relevant technical information, please see the Hycroft Technical Report which will be filed within the regulatory timeframe on For further information regarding technical information in relation to the Hasbrouck and Three Hills properties, please see the Technical Report titled "Technical Report, Allied Nevada Gold Corp. Hasbrouck Property, Tonopah, Nevada, USA" dated April 11, 2012, available on For further information regarding technical information in relation to the Wildcat property, please see the Technical Report titled "Updated Technical Review, Wildcat Project, Pershing County, Nevada" dated August 14, 2006, available on

Non-GAAP Financial Measures

Adjusted cash costs is a non-GAAP financial measure, calculated on a per ounce of gold sold basis, and includes all direct and indirect operating cash costs related to the physical activities of producing gold, including mining, processing, third party refining expenses, on-site administrative and support costs, royalties, and mining production taxes, net of by-product revenue earned from silver sales. Adjusted cash costs provides management and investors with a further measure, in addition to conventional measures prepared in accordance with GAAP, to assess the Company's performance of the mining operations and ability to generate cash flows over multiple periods. Non-GAAP financial measures do not have any standardized meaning prescribed by GAAP and, therefore, may not be comparable to similar measures presented by other mining companies. Accordingly, the above measures are intended to provide additional information and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with GAAP.

The table below presents a reconciliation between non-GAAP adjusted cash costs to cost of sales (GAAP) for the years ended December 31, 2012 and 2011 (in thousands, except ounces sold):

                                                   Years ended December 31, 
                                                        2012           2011 
Total cost of sales (000s)                         $ 109,492       $ 63,029 
Depreciation and amortization (000s)                 (14,594)        (6,984)
Silver revenues (000s)                               (21,712)       (12,983)
Total adjusted cash costs (000s)                    $ 73,186       $ 43,062 
Gold ounces sold                                     114,705         88,191 
Adjusted cash cost per ounce                           $ 638          $ 488 
ALLIED NEVADA GOLD CORP.                                                    
CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS                                                 
(US dollars in thousands, except shares)                                    
                                                               December 31, 
                                                        2012           2011 
  Cash and cash equivalents                        $ 347,047      $ 275,002 
  Accounts receivable                                 60,479            --- 
  Inventories                                         55,818         28,305 
  Ore on leachpads, current                           93,088         64,230 
  Prepaids and other                                  12,084          6,687 
  Deferred tax assets, current                           ---          1,795 
    Current assets                                   568,516        376,019 
  Restricted cash                                     31,837         18,798 
  Stockpiles and ore on leachpads, non-current        38,357         11,320 
  Other assets, non-current                           38,499          2,196 
  Plant, equipment, and mine development, net        515,902        190,694 
  Mineral properties, net                             44,616         44,706 
  Deferred tax assets, non-current                       ---         13,473 
Total assets                                     $ 1,237,727      $ 657,206 
  Accounts payable                                  $ 60,292       $ 26,314 
  Interest payable                                     2,756            --- 
  Other liabilities, current                           9,762          3,166 
  Debt, current                                       28,614         10,306 
  Asset retirement obligation, current                   331            339 
  Deferred tax liabilities, current                       76            --- 
    Current liabilities                              101,831         40,125 
  Other liabilities, non-current                      10,223          9,327 
  Debt, non-current                                  496,578         34,245 
  Asset retirement obligation, non-current             8,726          8,387 
  Deferred tax liabilities, non-current                  395            --- 
    Total liabilities                                617,753         92,084 
Commitments and Contingencies                                               
Shareholders' Equity:                                                       
  Common stock, $0.001 par value                                            
  Shares authorized: 200,000,000                                            
  Shares issued and outstanding: 2012 -                                     
   89,734,112 and 2011 - 89,646,988                       90             90 
  Additional paid-in-capital                         601,553        589,012 
  Accumulated other comprehensive loss                (5,416)           --- 
  Retained earnings (accumulated deficit)             23,747        (23,980)
    Total shareholders' equity                       619,974        565,122 
Total liabilities and shareholders' equity       $ 1,237,727      $ 657,206 
ALLIED NEVADA GOLD CORP.                                                    
(US dollars in thousands, except per share amounts)                         
                                                    Years Ended December 31,
                                          2012           2011           2010
Revenue                              $ 214,559      $ 152,029      $ 130,930
Operating expenses:                                                         
  Production costs                      94,898         56,045         57,713
  Depreciation and amortization         14,594          6,984          6,972
    Total cost of sales                109,492         63,029         64,685
  Exploration, development, and                                             
   land holding costs                    7,367         28,174         24,969
  Accretion                                564            450            442
  Corporate general and                                                     
   administrative                       16,269         18,593         17,299
Income from operations                  80,867         41,783         23,535
Other income (expense):                                                     
  Interest income                          899            473            145
  Interest expense                     (17,908)          (712)           ---
  Foreign exchange gain, net               ---              4          3,067
  Gain on sale of mineral                                                   
   property                                ---          1,097            ---
  Other income, net                        292            413            269
Income before income taxes              64,150         43,058         27,016
  Income tax (expense) benefit         (16,423)        (6,349)         7,112
Net income                              47,727         36,709         34,128
Other comprehensive loss, net of                                            
  Change in fair value of                                                   
   effective portion of cash                                                
   flow hedge instruments, net                                              
   of tax                               (5,940)           ---            ---
  Settlements of cash flow                                                  
   hedges, net of tax                    2,297            ---            ---
  Reclassifications into                                                    
   earnings, net of tax                 (1,773)           ---            ---
Other comprehensive loss, net of                                            
 tax                                    (5,416)           ---            ---
Comprehensive income                  $ 42,311       $ 36,709       $ 34,128
Income per share:                                                           
  Basic                                 $ 0.53         $ 0.41         $ 0.41
  Diluted                               $ 0.52         $ 0.40         $ 0.41
ALLIED NEVADA GOLD CORP.                                                    
CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS                                       
(US dollars in thousands)                                                   
                                                   Years Ended December 31, 
                                         2012           2011           2010 
Cash flows from operating                                                   
Net income                           $ 47,727       $ 36,709       $ 34,128 
Adjustments to reconcile net                                                
 income for the period to net                                               
 cash (used in) provided by                                                 
 operating activities:                                                      
  Depreciation and amortization        14,594          6,984          6,972 
  Accretion                               564            450            442 
  Stock-based compensation              4,339          6,562          8,375 
  Deferred taxes                       18,656          4,116         (7,111)
  Gain on sale of mineral                                                   
   property                               ---         (1,097)           --- 
  Other non-cash items                   (300)          (397)          (269)
Changes in operating assets and                                             
  Accounts receivable                 (60,479)           ---            --- 
  Inventories                         (23,849)       (16,843)        (3,035)
  Stockpiles and ore on leach                                               
   pads                               (45,235)       (22,074)       (14,008)
  Prepaids and other                   (2,228)         1,194         (3,493)
  Accounts payable                     16,285          1,310          2,490 
  Interest payable                      2,756            ---            --- 
  Asset retirement obligation            (540)          (775)          (470)
  Other liabilities                     6,599          1,282            274 
Net cash (used in) provided by                                              
 operating activities                 (21,111)        17,421         24,295 
Cash flows from investing                                                   
  Additions to plant,                                                       
   equipment, and mine                                                      
   development                       (262,216)       (81,554)       (37,025)
  Additions to mineral                                                      
   properties                            (130)          (114)           --- 
  Increases in restricted cash        (13,039)        (3,778)          (954)
  Proceeds from other investing                                             
   activities                             136            183            131 
Net cash used in investing                                                  
 activities                          (275,249)       (85,263)       (37,848)
Cash flows from financing                                                   
  Proceeds from issuance of                                                 
   common stock                           464            815        279,240 
  Payments of share issuance                                                
   costs                                  ---            ---        (17,886)
  Proceeds from debt issuance         400,400            ---            --- 
  Payments of debt issuance                                                 
   costs                              (15,340)          (476)           --- 
  Proceeds from sale-leaseback                                              
   agreement                              ---          9,471            --- 
  Repayments of principal on                                                
   capital lease obligations          (16,323)        (5,591)        (1,553)
  Excess tax (expense) benefit                                              
   from stock-based awards               (796)           796            --- 
Net cash provided by financing                                              
 activities                           368,405          5,015        259,801 
  Net increase (decrease) in                                                
   cash and cash equivalents           72,045        (62,827)       246,248 
  Cash and cash equivalents,                                                
   beginning of year                  275,002        337,829         91,581 
Cash and cash equivalents, end                                              
 of year                            $ 347,047      $ 275,002      $ 337,829 
Supplemental cash flow                                                      
  Cash paid for interest             $ 21,367        $ 1,167          $ 440 
  Cash paid for income taxes            3,950            ---            800 
Non-cash financing and                                                      
 investing activities                                                       
  Mining equipment acquired by                                              
   capital lease                       84,877         35,823          9,873 
  Plant and equipment additions                                             
   through accounts payable                                                 
   increase                            27,740         10,047            --- 
  Accounts payable reduction                                                
   through capital lease               10,047            ---            --- 
  Additional paid in capital                                                
   increase from award                                                      
   modification and settlement                                              
   of outstanding DPU liability         7,453            ---            --- 
  Mineral properties increase                                               
   from deferred tax adjustment           ---          5,611            --- 

Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
Scott Caldwell
President & CEO
(775) 358-4455

Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
Tracey Thom
Vice President, Investor Relations
(775) 789-0119

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